Universitat de Barcelona – Expert in CLIL / Curs Superior

An integrated approach to CLIL: maths across the curriculum

Please note: this course is one of the parts of the Expert in CLIL but is available as an independent Curs Superior as well.

Description and methodology:

Participants will become capable of demonstrating knowledge of how to integrate aspects of the mathematics syllabus across the rest of the curriculum, including the subject areas of natural science, social science, arts and crafts, music and physical education. This will be carried out through the medium of English and using CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in practical frameworks. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the key questions involved in planning, carrying out and evaluating CLIL classes.

Teaching will mainly take place through the Moodle learning management system, which follows constructivist pedagogical principles and allows the personalisation of learning. There is an emphasis on collaborative learning and the exchange of ideas and materials, and each participant has access to a dedicated tutor and technical support. A free, preparatory module is available to learn how the platform works.


  • To analyse and become familiar with a framework for teaching maths through English
  • To examine how and when we should link maths with other subjects and design learning outcomes and evaluation criteria for each

Contents and structure:

The course is structured in 2 modules, equivalent to 3 credits each.

Modality: 150 hours Semipresencial. There will be 5 hours of face to face training (attendance is compulsory), 60 hours online with a dedicated tutor and 85 hours of self-study online. The online platform is the Moodle learning management system.

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Course starts: 9 October 2017

Course finishes: 31 January 2018

Date of face-to-face sessions: 1 December 2017.

This course is not open to new students