Expert in CLIL – UB

EXPERT in CLIL – Universitat de Barcelona

Recommended applicant profiles and admission requirements: Graduates in teacher training for Primary education, Primary teachers or students of the Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education (or equivalent) who have passed at least 85% of the required credits.

Department of Education ongoing training plan: The activities organized at the Universitat de Barcelona have the same status as the activities included in the Department for Education’s ongoing training plan. The certificates awarded for these courses will be incorporated into the training record of the teacher (XTEC) and can be used as accreditation for taking part in the different competitions or call for papers by the Department for Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, according to the terms of each.


Semipresencial course of 450 hours. The Expert is a new course Porno composed of three parts, each of which is available as a separate post-graduate course as well as within this combined package. It is equivalent to three postgraduate university XHamster courses of 6 credits (ECTS) each. Both the three-part Expert course and the three individual courses will run between 2014 and 2016.

The online platform is the Moodle learning management system.

Number of credits : 18 

Total hours: 450 (15 – Face-to-face; 255 – Self-study; 180 – Tutored)

Description and methodology:

This Expert qualification offers participants the  chance to work towards achieving a holistic curriculum through English. Over the three individual partss which make up the Expert qualification, participants will be presented with a practical framework for teaching each of our focus subjects (natural science, social science, arts and crafts, music, performing arts, physical education and mathematics). These frameworks have been designed to meet the challenge of imparting these subjects through English and the need to establish attainable content and language learning outcomes. We will look at exploiting the natural links between these subjects and how aspects of each can be integrated into and developed in at least one other subject area and suggest practical ways how this can be done.

Each part will be organised in 2 modules and Porno Jovencitas six blocks. Teaching will mainly take place through the Moodle learning management system and will also contain three intensive face-to-face sessions (one in each course).

Minimum level of English recommended: CEFR level B2. The programme will be in English throughout.

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